WPSP Leadership Board 2018-2019 Applications
The WPSP Leadership Board supports the Winter Leadership Institute, mentorship initiatives, community building, and event partnerships designed to empower students to make a meaningful impact on their identity formation, public service, and future careers. Peer mentorship, skill sharing, and careful community building is at the crux of all WPSP initiatives.

The deadline for this application is Friday, April 26th at 11:59pm CT. -> EXTENDED TO WEDNESDAY, MAY 1 AT 11:50 CT.

Please limit your responses to a paragraph.

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Major/Program of Study *
If you are currently undeclared, please feel free to note your prospective major.
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Are you confident that you can commit 5-8 hours per week to WPSP committee and project activities for all three quarters, including virtual meetings in the summer? *
If you're traveling abroad, please let us know and state the quarter you'll be abroad. We still welcome your application and will consider your absence, as some positions are more relevant in particular quarters.
First Choice: What position would like to be considered for on next year's Committee? *
Select your first choice position for next year's committee. Select your second choice in the next question. You may only apply for 2 positions maximum. Position descriptions can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12EpCIeBgrtX2E6MR1_2x_VvYHAUpWpygE8ioWrHzZrE/edit?usp=sharing
Second Choice (Optional):
Why do these positions interest you? What specific qualifications do you have for these positions? *
Please be clear when talking about your first choice and second choice position (if applicable) in your explanation. You can allocate as much space as you see fit to each position, just limit your response to one paragraph.
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What do you value most about WPSP in your experience? *
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What is your vision for WPSP in the coming year? How would you contribute to that? *
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What is your greatest strength as a leader? Where do you need the most support? *
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How would you work to make WPSP more racially inclusive? How about inclusive in other ways? *
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When working in a team or group project, what role do you typically take on? *
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Fun Question: If you could be any building on campus, which one would you be and why? *
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