Fall in love with the world next door - A Valentine's Day project

I'm cooking something up regarding my beloved South Africa and falling in love with the world next door rather than simply a date on the calendar. It's the story behind my book. And inside my book. And for all of us moms to change the world while we're changing the laundry.

Looking for friends who might be willing to blog along for the ride....


I love your no as much as your yes :)

IF you're interested I'll follow up with more details. But the short version is the dream for 1 blog community to help build a community center for 1 South African community of orphans and vulnerable kids in my South Africa. For the community my parents have adopted 3 kids from - that I share about in the book :)

See attached photo of the kids standing in a human blue print of the future community center site.

Because there is NOTHING ORDINARY about being a mother, especially to the hundreds of kids who don't have one.



#PS in the interests of full disclosure you should know that I am afraid ALL THE TIME.

This South Africa project is the real story I'm convinced God had me write the book to support.

and it is so scary.


So in other words, THANK YOU for being willing to blog along with me :)

    The Human Blue Print for our Future Community Center in South Africa - 250 Orphans and Vulnerable Kids

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