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Dues and Volunteer Points *
I understand that dues ($30 per skier/$15 for support) must be paid prior to participating in water practice and volunteer points must be completed or paid in cash prior to June 1 to remain in good standing. Dues overview can be found here (
Photo Release *
I grant the Ski Sprites the right to take photos/videos of me/my child and authorize the use of the photos/videos for purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.
Background Checks *
I understand that the Ski Sprites have the right to conduct a background check on me at any time.
Mind-Altering Substance / Illegal Behavior Policy *
I have read and agree to the Ski Sprites mind-altering / illegal behavior policy ( Required prior to participation.
Beach Closure Waiver *
I agree to allow myself/my child, to participate in the Ski Sprites water skiing activities on Lake Altoona. I understand these activities may take place at a time when the Eau Claire Health Department may recommend closure of the beach due to bacteria levels in certain areas of the beach. I understand that my/my child’s participation is optional and I release Eau Claire County and the Ski Sprites Water Ski Team Inc. from all liability of any affects that I/my child may incur while participating.
Emergency Transportation *
I authorize Ski Sprites Water Shows, Inc. to transport me/my son/my daughter to a physician's office and/or hospital emergency room in the event emergency medical care is needed.
Emergency Treatment *
I authorize the physician and hospital staff to treat me/my son/my daughter as they deem necessary in the emergency situation.
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