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Homeopathic Medical Products
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ImmunyVital Trio $180: ImmunyVital + Toxizul + Silveron
Relax Plus $60 - Anti-Stress and Good Mental Health
Healthy Sleep $60 - Helps Promote Relaxation and Sleep
Ruboxin $60 - Enhances Energy and Cell Oxygenation
Metabolic Plus $60 - Weight Control. Supports Metabolism of Glucose and other molecules
Black Seed Plus $60 - Improves Digestion and Enhances Immunity
Garcinia Plus $60 - Supports Appetite Control and Promotes Weight Control
Raspberry Plus $60 - Promotes Fat Burning and Weight Control
Green Coffee Plus $60 - Enhances Energy and Promotes Weight Control
Osteo-Joint Plus $60 - Supports Good Health of Joints, Bones, Muscles, Hair, Skin and Nails
Cardiovascular BP $60 - Supports Cardiovascular Health and normal blood pressure
Echinacea Plus $60 - Natural Antibiotic, Enhances Natural Resistance
Toxizul Cream $60 - Pain Relief and Anti-inflammation
Compound MD Products
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Berry Acid Jelly Exfoliant
Berry & Lactic Acid Jelly Exfoliant
Lactic Acid Exfoliant (Goat Milk)
Molasses-Lactic Exfoliant
Compound Formulation Toner
Compound Formulation Cleanser
Gummy Face Moisturizer
B Propolis Face Moisturizer
Unguent Restorative All Moisturizer
Papaya Milk-Coconut Body Wash
Head-to-Toe Body Soap
Pathogenic Gone Serum
MD Skin Complete Face Serum
Ready-to-Wear Powder Foundation
Custom Blend Powder Foundation
Custom Blend Liquid Foundation
Compound Powder to Cream Foundation
Alternative Skincare Custom Blended Formulations
1 Unit
2 Units
3 Units
4 Units
5 Units
Organic Coconut Milk Cream with Calendula Oil Cleanser
Clear Soap
Bentonine Clay Face Mask
Rose Clay Face Mask
Organic Herbal Hydrating Face Mist
Organic Anti-Aging Biohydrate Face Moisturizer
Eye Treatment Gel
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