Leeds FAN referral form for support / advice
If you need help from Leeds Food Aid Network to find emergency food provision, please fill in this referral form. You can refer yourself or someone else. Someone from Leeds FAN will contact the person needing food to give support/advice about where to go for appropriate provision (Monday to Friday only).
Email *
Please select if you are a worker / volunteer referring on behalf of someone or if this is a self-referral *
Worker / volunteer's name (if applicable)
Worker / volunteer's organisation (if applicable)
Recipient's name *
This is the name of the person who needs food provision
I agree that the basic details of the food parcel recipient, including their phone number, can be sent on to one of the Leeds FAN referral partners, for the purpose of arranging provision of a food parcel.
Information will only be passed on on a need to know basis.
Address *
This is the address of the person who needs food provision
Phone number
This is the phone number of the person who needs food provision
Reason for the referral
Please give a brief reason for the need, including details about any financial difficulty
Number of people in the household *
Please include the numbers of adults and children and the ages of any children under 5
Dietary requirements *
Any other relevant details
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