Partners in Reciprocity (PiR) TEAM Application
How to Apply:
- Applications are due on December 10th
- There are two parts to the application - a team portion and an individual portion. This is the team portion.
- Teams will be notified by December 18th of their acceptance
Organization Name: *
Primary email address associated with this team application: *
Who are the members of your team: *
List. Ordered: First Name, Last Name.
Describe your team. Please describe team members’ positional power within the organization, the relationships they hold inside and outside the organization, different departments/organizational functions represented, and personal characteristics. How were the members selected (what was the process and what criteria were used)? *
How do you plan to engage the rest of your organization in this work? *
What does accountability to learning look like in your organization? *
What does reciprocity mean to you as a team? *
What have you done to explore the dynamics of your team and how you will work together, especially related to power dynamics and difficult conversations? *
What are the three most prominent structural barriers in your organization that will make this work challenging for your team? *
What are three current opportunities in your organization for transformation? *
What will success look like? *
What strengths does your team bring to your peers in PiR? *
What are you hoping to learn from your peers in PiR? *
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