Burlington Jam Registration 2019
This event happens with a lot of love and support from everyone involved, including participants.
Thank you all for making the Burlington Jam so special.

Abbi, Amanda, Michelle, Hazel, and More
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By Registering for this Jam I agree to the following for myself and for any children under my guardianship under 18 years of age. *
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I am willing to be video taped and or to have my picture taken during the jam. I understand that it might be shared with the larger dance community. *
Emergency Contact include a phone number, email and relationship. *
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Payment - Registration is Complete after Payment is Received *
Go to PayPal and select 'Send Money to Friends and Family.' Then send the correct amount to this email: contactimprovVermont@gmail.com. If you would like to send a check, make checks payable to: Burlington Contact Jam and then Send checks to: Michelle Lefkowitz, 71 Park Street, Burlington, VT 05401, USA
Where are you Staying? Can you offer housing? *
We look forward to co-creating embodied community with you!
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