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Thanks for choosing Shelterluv! Submitting this form is a commitment to switching to Shelterluv, so if you are still in the decision-making process, please explore a free trial account instead.

After you complete this form, we will set up your account and get the onboarding process started. =)

Please note that once your real account is activated, your trial account will be deactivated.

Organization Name *
Type it exactly as you would like it displayed in Shelterluv and on all your documents like adoption paperwork, etc.
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Your Shelterluv Prefix
Every organization in Shelterluv is assigned a 3- or 4-letter prefix (like an airport code) that will be at the beginning of your usernames, animal ID numbers, and person ID numbers. EXAMPLES: APA, BFAS, SNP.

Try to avoid generic prefixes or common acronyms such as CATS, PAWS, SPCA, anything ending in HS (Humane Society), AR (Animal Rescue), etc. because they will likely be taken already.

Tips to make it more unique (and therefore available):
1) Shorten your organization name as a prefix (for example, "Tuscaloosa" can be TUSC)
2) Include your state's 2-letter abbreviation (TX, FL, etc.)

NOTE: Your account prefix can never be changed so please choose carefully.

Preferred Prefix *
3 or 4 letters only, no numbers.
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2nd Choice Prefix *
In case your preferred prefix is already taken, please provide a second choice. This MUST be different from your preferred prefix above.
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3rd Choice Prefix *
In case your second choice prefix is already taken, please provide a third choice. This MUST be different from your two other choices above.
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Anticipated Annual # of Adoptions *
This just helps us anticipate processing needs system-wide; you are not committing to doing this many adoptions.
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Anticipated # of User Accounts *
How many team members will be getting access to Shelterluv? Again, this is for us to anticipate processing needs system-wide.
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Signatory - Full Name *
This is the person who will sign the agreement and set up billing details.
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Signatory - Email Address *
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Signatory - Phone Number *
Please provide a direct line or extension where you can be easily reached if anything comes up with your account.
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First User - Full Name
This is the person who will set up other users, configure your settings, etc. You can skip this if the signatory and first user are the same person.
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First User - Email Address
You can skip this if the signatory and first user are the same person.
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Why did you choose Shelterluv? *
We'd love to know!
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Do you know of any shelters that could also benefit from using Shelterluv?
The way we can keep investing so much into our product is if we don't spend money on marketing and advertising, so referrals are VERY much appreciated! (We can currently support any organization that does not need an animal control module.)
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Ideally, when would you like to go live with Shelterluv? *
Keep in mind that it takes a little time to configure/optimize Shelterluv for your operations. We generally recommend going live on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning so your team has a few slower days to get comfortable before the weekend rush.
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Which data system are you currently using? *
Do you want to migrate your data into Shelterluv? *
If you want to do this, we will give you instructions to prepare your data for import. This is an optional, free service, and we do not guarantee that all types of data can be migrated from your current system. (NOTE: Importing historical data only allows you to get started faster. If you import current data, we will work together to find a date on our import calendar to make a seamless transition.)
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