CivicTechYYC Co-Lead Positions
Civic Tech is a movement in which citizens and governments work together to use technology, data & design for public good. Over the last 4 years CivicTechYYC has grown significantly. Our organization must also grow to ensure that we can continue to have a positive impact in our community through technology.

More background information is available in the presentation deck Shaping the Future of CivicTechYYC -

We are looking for two Co-Leads in each of the three focus areas described below. The two Co-Leads would share responsibilities in each area and would be supplemented by additional CivicTechYYC members who would support specific tasks, activities and events.
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Member Engagement and Communication
• Organize the monthly meetups and other member events
• Liaise with the Calgary tech ecosystem to be aware of other meetups, events and emerging trends
• Use communication channels to keep members informed and engaged
Community Collaboration and Project Generation
• Build relationships with individuals and organizations in the wider Calgary community
• Discover opportunities to collaborate and to generate new project ideas
• Raise awareness of CivicTechYYC and participate in seminars, workshops or events
Technical Operations and Support
• Provide technology advice and technical infrastructure support for projects and hackathons
• Monitor emerging trends in the use of technology for good
• Organize learning opportunities for members related to technology
Time Commitment
The Co-Lead positions will typically require 2-4 hours per week but can be significantly more at times when there are hackathons or other events. In each focus area the Co-Leads will compile a list of other members that are willing to volunteer to support various activities throughout the year. The Group Lead and the Co-Leads will coordinate their efforts through online meetings as needed.
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If you are interested in the Co-Lead positions please provide the following information:
1. Explain why you are interested in CivicTechYYC and specifically in the Co-Lead position. Please also mention which Co-Lead position you feel you are most interested in.
2. Provide a description of the background and experience you have that would make you a good fit for the Co-Lead position.
3. Attach a link to your resume and/or to your LinkedIn or other online profile(s)
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