Building a business you don't have to unplug from Beginning July of 2023

To the bad b*tch, audacious, driven, spiritual QUEEN reading this,

Out of all the accounts in the online world, the IG Goddesses and the TikTok Goddesses somehow landed your pretty face right here. And that.. is a miracle. Think about it. Over 1 billion accounts and here you are...

So first of all... HINothing is a coincidence in our world so the fact that you are here is 🤯❤️‍🔥✨🔥🔮.

As I am sitting here writing this, what's coming through is your desire for passion. Passion in your life, relationships and in your business.  And there's this desire to E-L-E-V-A-T-E. A desire to create & hold elevated standards for yourself, a desire for elevated relationships rooted in passion and depth, a desire for simplified, yet elevated business systems, & a desire to be deeply serving your community with elevated offers. What's coming through is deep embodied leadership, holding yourself to a new degree of human being that deeply supports you & the big fcking goals in your life & business. YUM! 

I see your mission.  I see your driver.  I see the time freedom, the financial freedom, the luxurious boujee rich bitch energy you are ready to encapsulate all while focusing on the betterment of humanity. It's fcking commendable & honestly, it's a spiritual turn on. It's the thing that makes you magnetic.  

There is something about a woman who isn't afraid to take up space, a woman who owns her wanting, a woman who lets her aliveness and her desire for a PASSIONATE life fuel her every move. And a woman who won't stop at anything to make this all a reality, while deeply honoring her body & her energy first & foremost. Talk about an elevated consciousness! 

I'm tuning into your energy on purpose to let you know I see you and I call you forward and upward. It's time you build a business that feels really fcking clean and good to be in. It's time you build a business that is so fcking alive it recharges & refuels you. It's time you claim the passion filled life & business that is meant for you. The way to do this? To build a brand you don't have to unplug from.

A little bit more about how we lead:

➡️You can't fck your business up.🎉

Repeat after us: You cannot fck it up. It's not meant to be taken so seriously. The businesses that grow that fastest, that are absolutely thriving, are those where the coach/mentor/healer PLAYS in their business. Where they trial & error processes not taking anything personally. Where they set their Soul free to express itself in their content & their offers. Where they are constantly curious & open to refinement. All while learning where you pull your seat from the table energetically. 

➡️No one knows better than you.🫵

Hierarchies? Pedestals? You won't find that here. We are all students, teachers, and experts occasionally. Your experience is unique to you which means the way you expand your business will be unique to you as well. What we offer is guidance on unlocking what works best for you & advice when asked for it. We encourage self-trust before any fcking thing else. It's a balance between discerning when your leadership is on point and when it's time to be open a new way. This is emotional intelligence 101 that during our time together will be heightened.

➡️Your bigness is palpable. 🔥

The minute you decide you get to experience 10K, 15K, 20K months is the minute you step into your bigness. And it's this energy that will attract the most dreamy clients for all your offers. There is no hiding, there is no more dimming your light, diluting your voice. Our containers will have you lit the fck up like you've never been before. Standing in the confidence of certainty that your income declaration is already on it's way to you.

➡️Your business problems are actually just your personal problems.🫣

The only thing stopping you from hitting you next level are pesky little blindspots you can't quite see because you're too close to the situation. Childhood experiences, core wounding, generational trauma, limiting beliefs is what is keeping you producing the same results unable to push through the next barrier. When we say we do ALL OF LIFE with you, we mean it. Nothing is off limits. Those relationships? They'll be cleaned up. Thought errors? We'll correct those. The feelings of not enoughness? Yes, we will dive upon it all. The reason being, you have to increase your holding capacity. You want more? You have to make the space for it. Once you clean up this energy... YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

➡️Perfection is fcking out. Like way out. We want you messy.🌪

There was a time where people were buying and working with "highlight reel" coaches, but the times have changed. No one wants the perfect human because that's not fcking real. Instead, you get to be a spiritual witchy creatrix and say fck every other word. You get to love all living creatures and still eat meat. You get to meditate and journal in the morning while being a bad bitch who only excepts the highest standards, the highest results, and the caliber of clients that match who the fck you are. You get to have this AND that and it gets to be messy. THAT'S FCKING REAL. And that's what we want & your future clients want. We help you give yourself that permission.

➡️Your brand... yeah, that's simply you.💁🏼‍♀️

You don't have to jazz anything way up. You don't need professional pictures. You don't need years of building a brand either. You need your expression slathered all over every single piece of content  & offer creation you put out there. You a boujee spiritual hippie? Let that energy be in everything you do. You simple, love those cozy sweatpants, lookin' like a homeless person? Let that be at the forefront of what you do. Humans buy into those that they trust. Just being you is the way to build that trust. Sounds easier than it is, but we cover that with you too.

➡️90% of business is energy.

How you show up, who you be, what you perceive to be possible for you. It's all freaking energy. This is why we bring energetics and spirituality into everything we do. And once you become aware of your nervous system programming and learn to break the patterns, keeping your seat at the table in everything you do, that's when your energy field becomes CRYSTAL CLEAR AND MAGNETIC AF. If you've gotten this far and aren't open to Human Design, Akashic Records, Energetics, Expanding your Aura... it might be time to leave now.

For the rest of you, let's carry on with those bad b*tch vibes.

Emboldened The Mastermind is like nothing you've experienced before. This is a life & business teaching, coaching, mentoring Mastermind wrapped up all in one. Absolutely NOTHING is off limits in our world. Think of this as a tailor made group program with high level 1:1 support.

The Frequency of this space: 

  • Aligned strategy 
  • Embodying Effortless Energetics 
  • Deep Soul Evolution 
  • Heightened Emotional Intelligence
  • Focus on growing holding capacities
  • Nervous System Attunement
  • Integration challenges & accountability 
  • Nothing off limits 
  • Building a business you don’t have to unplug from
  • Making your business come the fck alive

All the details: 

  • 6 months 
  • 2 Group Calls a Month 
  • One, 30 minute, 1:1 Call a Month 
  • Monthly weekly challenge
  • Group Telegram
  • High level support 
  • Intimate Vibes 
  • 1:1 Coaching 

PRE PRE SALE  for $4,444PIF or extended payment options available. 

And can we just say...

When we DECIDED we got to experience a business that feels so fcking good to be in, while putting our life, our wanting, our PASSION before anything else, that's when our growth catapulted. 

When we chose to hold every inch of who we be and the lives we created to higher, more elevated standards, guess what we got back in return? 

Revolutionary relationships with our clients, deep beautifully profound & HAWT relationships with our husbands, authentic, honest, open, and raw friendships, AND a business that deeply supports us in every sense of the word. Sold out offers, time freedom, 20 hour work weeks, & the money.

20K months, 60k quarters, more creative juices flowing than ever, clients consistently coming into our world, and a deep ability to lead ourselves through it all knowing that we've really only just begun. It's illogical, it doesn't make sense, but that's what we are here for. That's what we are available for and hold ourselves to so that is what we experience.

Reflecting in our journey showed us how we became the exception. Clients signing on without following us. Humans paying high ticket prices after seeing one video. Client after client completely transformed all while living in our sweatpants & gym gear. All because we built a business we don't need to unplug from & one that we let come fully ALIVE.

This is Emboldened The Mastermind.

If you have questions, feel free to email us at

Otherwise, fill this bad b*tch out & we'll be in touch soon.


Kim & Tara

Ps. If you'd prefer to schedule an alignment call, you can do so here.

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