1 Year Natural Dyeing Course with Jenny Dean
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To gain full benefit from the course, a reasonable level of commitment will be required and it is important that you are able to attend on all the dates, as far as possible. Will you be able to do this? *
If not, on which dates are you unable to attend? The class dates are: Sundays 10 – 4.30: 29 September 2019, 27 October, 17 November, 15 December, 19 January 2020, 23 February, 22 March, 26 April, 17 May, 28 June, 19 July, 23 August.  
Tell us about your experience of natural dyeing and textiles, if you have any. (maximum 500 words) Note: No previous experience of natural dyeing is necessary and beginners are welcome. *
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