UBC Rocket 2019 ADMIN Recruitment
UBC Rocket is recruiting for admin members on ongoing basis - please complete this form if you are interested! Tasks include managing our finances (reimbursements, budgets), managing our social media accounts (FB, IG, Twitter, website, LinkedIn), planning events, and more!
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PRIVACY DISCLAIMER: The information you provide here, and at other times as part of your membership in UBC Rocket, may be stored in one of the cloud storage services that UBC Rocket uses, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Slack. These services provide UBC Rocket the ability to easily store and access information, including information that you may consider personal. This information is accessible only through the UBC Rocket Google account, and will be deleted immediately upon request. Since the companies we use to store this information are headquartered outside of Canada, the information stored using these services may be subject to laws other than those of Canada. If you are not comfortable with these services having access to your information, please notify the Team Captains who will make alternate arrangements.
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