Trivette Clinic ParaFest Vendor Application Form
General Policies
  • Submitting an application to be a Vendor at Trivette Clinic ParaFest 2024 is not a contract. We will reach out to you to offer acceptance or rejection.
  • Vendor booths  start at $50.
  • All Vendor spaces include a 10x10 space outside the Clinic.
  • Vendor space tickets will vary based on selection (see below)
  • Electrical outlets are not provided. 
  • Internet access is not included with your vendor space.
  • We ask that you request no more than 3 spaces for your business. 
  • You are responsible for bringing your own table, chairs, and tent. You are also responsible for your table set up, load in, and break down. Trivette Clinic ParaFest is not responsible for setting up your space. 
  • Trivette Clinic ParaFest will inform you on where to set up and will ensure the area is ready for you in the assigned space when you arrive. 
  • The Vendor area will be open from 10am-5pm on Saturday, April 13, 2024. 
  • Set-up starts at 8am and you must be ready to go by 10am. 
  • Breakdown must be completed by 6pm.
  • All displays must be respectful of other vendors and not cut into your neighbor’s space. 
Acceptance Policy
  • Vendor space applications will remain open until a sufficient number of applicants have been accepted or waitlisted to fill out the Vendor area with a reasonable number of alternates. 
  • If you are accepted as a Vendor at Trivette Clinic ParaFest 2024, you will receive an acceptance email and information on how to finalize & pay your tickets and table(s)
  • Vendors will be asked to pay for their tables within 30 days of notifications of acceptance.
  • If you are waitlisted, you will receive a waitlist email.
  • If you are rejected, your application will be removed from the pool and will not be considered further.
Merchandise Policy
  • Trivette Clinic ParaFest is a family friendly event; this means displays should not include items that are NSFW. NSFW items are allowed ONLY if it isn't the majority of your products, the items are fully hidden from plain view, and that in all instances of showing NSFW products happen only AFTER ID is checked to verify that the customer is 18 or over.
Cancellation Policy
  • Vendor spaces may not be resold, transferred, sublet or assigned by the Vendor unless previously discussed with Trivette Clinic ParaFest 2024.
  • If a written request (email or hard copy) for cancellation is received by the date indicated in the chart below, refunds are available.
  • Before January 6th: 50%
  • Before February 6th: 25%
  • Before March 6th: 10%
  • On or after April 6th: 0%
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Website Link
Please provide a link to your shop, business, or service website. If you do not have a website your business social media can be used instead. Please do not provide your personal social media unless it showcases your business.
If you plan to apply as a Speaker as well as a Vendor, please provide the name under which you have submitted your Speaker application.
Briefly describe what you sell.
How many spaces (10x10) are you requesting?
Special Accommodations 
Please let us know if you have any special requirements for attendance. Disability and medical accommodations will NOT be held against you during our consideration process.
Special Requests
Please indicate here requests to be close to another Vendor or close to a bathroom, food truck, etc. Requests will be accommodated as the space allows. NOTE: Vendor space is outdoors and we cannot provide electricity.
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Trivette Clinic ParaFest 2024 Code of Conduct
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