TB Eradication Programme in England - your views
This is your chance to share your views on how best to tackle the problem of Bovine TB. All responses will be considered by the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England as they work to find new ways to overcome the disease, so please elaborate as much as possible.
What measures do you want to see put in place to reduce the spread of TB?
Could the government and industry do more to crack down on practices that risk the spread of TB?
Eg. Poor biosecurity, inaccurate movement records, failing to protect herds from slurry and wildlife
Clear selection
If 'Yes', what could they do to crack down on these practices?
How much responsibility should the GOVERNMENT have for TB testing and compensation?
How much responsibility should the INDUSTRY have for TB testing and compensation?
If you could make ONE change to the way TB is currently managed by the government, what would it be?
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