The Khadija Book Presentation for Parents
Dear Parents / Guardians,

Alhamdulillah we are honoured to have Fatima Barakatulla (author of Khadijah: Mother of History’s Greatest Nation) come to FEC Academy to inspire our students and also speak to our parents. Sister Fatima will be speaking to parents for Saturday and Sunday classes, please see details below:
o Sunday 5th March (Next Week) at 9:30am
o Saturday 18th March at 9:30am

Attending the Parents’ Workshop? If you would like to attend please fill out our e-form below:
(Please fill out the form as it will help us with hiring a classroom for the workshop with sister Fatimah)

Book Signing: If your child/ren already have the book please bring it along or you could purchase the book on the day for £15 – we highly recommend it!

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For further questions please contact Ustadh Hamid Mahmood
(You may also call directly 07921847875 or email
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Test your knowledge on Khadija (R.A)!
Fatima Barakatulla Interview regarding her book
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