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Under RAD Bylaws - https://www.deafrad.org/bylaws
Watch President Roy Jones's vlog- https://youtu.be/CtqdxwhkOro

Article VII, Section 8: Duties of Officers

8.3 Secretary
8.3.1- The Secretary shall record minutes and jot down roster of the chapters of the Alliance at every meeting.
8.3.2 The Secretary shall file all correspondence and bring necessary ones to the meeting.
8.3.3 The Secretary shall send the minutes to the chapters within sixty (60) days after the conference and send current bylaws, guidelines, policy reports and related materials (such as financial & membership dues) to all chapters 60 days before the next conference.
8.3.4 The Secretary shall contact for the name of the chapter delegates and alternate delegates sixty (60) days before the conference.
8.3.5 The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Executive Board and full Board meetings. These minutes shall be made available within 60 days.
8.3.6 The Secretary shall compile a complete list of all decisions made by the Executive and full Board between delegate meetings and make available this list upon request.
8.3.7 The Secretary shall submit copies of all documents, including but not limited to, meeting minutes, flyers, general and board correspondence to the Archivist.
8.3.8 The Secretary shall submit any RAD-related documents to any Board member upon request. This request may be made at any time and must be honored within 60 days.

8.4 Treasurer
8.4.1 The Treasurer shall file receipts, financial and tax reports.
8.4.2 The Treasurer shall pay the bills after written approval from the President or Vice President in absence of the President and attach to the receipt.
8.4.3 The Treasurer shall send unaudited financial reports to the chapters and the RAD Board three (3) months before the conference.
8.4.4 The Treasurer shall report all the financial assets of the Alliance at the delegate meeting.
8.4.5 The Treasurer shall do the audit at the conference before the delegate meeting.
8.4.6 The Treasurer shall submit detailed financial reports to any Board member upon request. This request may be made at any time and must be honored within 14 days.

Membership Coordinator
Currently, there is no job description in Bylaws for this position however, this position is designed to oversee:
- Recruiting and promote everyone to join RAD as members.
- Maintain the RAD Membership including send receipt via email and friendly reminder.
- Sending out email to all RAD members every monthly for any information within approval from RAD Board.
- Shall be function as full board member.

DEADLINE - MONDAY, October 19, 2020
We will contact you through email for interview... We will announce the new appoint of RAD Officers by end of this month..
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