VikingsCon Re-enactors Participation Form
Please provide the following contact information. Submitting a participation form does not mean you are automatically approved. You will receive an email from the VikingsCon Programming Team if/when your application has been accepted. All members of the accepted application will be admitted to VikingsCon free of charge.
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Re-enactors Weapons Policy
Only approved re-enactor group members and approved members of the VikingsCon programming will be permitted to carry live blades. However, those live blades must be "peace-tied" (i.e., the blade must be secured with a zip-tie so that it cannot be unsheathed). All live blades must be accounted for at all times by the approved member. VikingsCon Staff and Security are not responsible for your gear.
Will you or any member of your group carry live blades? *
This includes functional projectile weapons such as (crossbow, slingshot, bow and arrow, etc) that discharges a projectile.
Re-enactors Participation Details
We strive for authenticity at VikingsCon. Our living history village is a place for attendees to come and learn, explore and discover the every day life in Viking times. We hold workshops and demonstrations throughout the day that pertain to the Viking way of life. We ask that your clothing and tents be as accurate as possible for this event. If you have any questions about authenticity please message us with your questions. All participants in the Living History Encampment must demonstrate activities from the viking era, such as, cooking, games, weapons & combat, arts & crafts.
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Enter the number of people who would be participating in VikingsCon as part of your group.
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Including sleeping tents, merchant tents, etc. Please include all tents in your count.
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Workshop/Demonstration Details
Please describe the Workshop/Demonstration you wish to do (E.g., Bread making, Mead making, Blacksmithing, etc.)
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Living History Encampment Set Up
If you wish to participate in our living history encampment, please describe your set up. List the number of tents and describe the materials you will be bringing. Please let us know what your gear is like so we know how much space you need. If you would like to host a seminar in your encampment space (E.g., Bread making, Butter churning, jewelry making, etc.) please list the details of your seminar.
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Living History Encampment Campfires
• Pre-approved fire per campsite/group.

• All fires must be in fire pit that is raised off the ground (no direct fire on the ground).

• Absolutely no fires underneath any tree, or within 20 feet of a building structure.

• Do not attempt to have any kind of flame in your tent.
People have been seriously injured or even killed by making this mistake.

• You are responsible for supplying your own firewood. Do not cut the fairgrounds foliage for firewood.
Under no circumstances may garbage, refuse, hay, or straw be burned.

• Before leaving camp, extinguish any fires so that they are no longer smoking or smoldering

Do you intend to have a campfire? *
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