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Before your fill out this form, go to the web page and read through it. Pay special attention to the section about the experience and the information around how the sign up will work.

By filling in this form you are applying for a spot at one of the 2 runs of 1912, a larp by Atropos. Sign up will be open from 1st of August until 15th of August at 23:59, after that there will be a process of flagging participants (see sign-up section on the website for details on this) and then a lottery among the people signed up to get a spot on the larp. The rest will be put in a waiting list.

By submitting this form, you agree that Atropos are allowed to store your personal information in order to facilitate your casting for the larp, provide contact information (First name & Last name) to all the other participants, provide detailed contact information if the organizers need to reach you or for internal documentation after the event has finished. No one outside Atropos will have access to the information once the event is finished, including other members of the crew. If you want the information removed at any point after the event has completed, write to us and we will delete it.
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We offer three different tickets, one normal, one subsidized and a sponsor ticket. You are of course welcome to donate even more if you wish to.
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Anything else you want to tell us about what you want to play?
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What age do you feel comfortable playing *
Are you signing up for a married character? *
Because of the fact that the married characters will be sharing a bed during the larp, you will need to ensure that you either sign up with a co-player that you are comfortable with in order to play a married character, or have other players among those signed up that you have reached an agreement with. You will be able to state the co-player/s you sign up with below.
As a married character you will have to share a bed with the player that you play married to. If you want to play married write the names of the players you are comfortable playing married to.
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Themes I want to play on *
On a scale from 1 being "Not at all" to 5 being "Yes please" indicate what themes you are comfortable with
Being socially oppressed
Love and romance
Political debate
Loss and mourning
Being violent and abusive
Socially oppressing others
Being subjected to violence and abuse
Is there anything we need to know in regards of your choices?
For example triggering subjects, special needs or certain people you prefer having certain kinds of play with?
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Off game needs
Is there anything we as organizer need to know regarding special needs you might have to be able to take part of the experience. For example any food allergies or other allergies, or other physical or psychological needs we need to accommodate?
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