The Richstone Family Center is dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse and trauma, strengthening families, and preventing violence in families, schools and communities. Established in 1974, Richstone is focused on building healthy families, and helping the most vulnerable communities in the South Bay.

Volunteers play an integral role in ensuring that our families are safe and thriving. Our success would not be possible without the incredible efforts of our volunteers who selflessly take the time to assist our families. Richstone encourages the participation of volunteers who support our mission, and are reliable, passionate, and responsible.

Your completed application needs to be on file before you begin volunteering. If you are 18 years or older, you MUST undergo fingerprinting and provide the Volunteer Coordinator with proof of a clear TB test.

If a child ever discusses with you anything that might be related to abuse, please notify Richstone staff immediately. DO NOT discuss the abuse with the child. Keep all personal information including social media accounts to any of the children.

Children look up to our volunteers. Please dress, act and speak appropriately, and set positive examples.

> Physical contact- Physical contact is not encouraged with the children. Children often want to hold hands, give hugs. That is okay. However, please keep all physical contact to a minimum and definitely avoid anything that may be seen as inappropriate.
> Topics of conversation- Volunteers should only discuss topics appropriate topics at hand. Do not discuss anything personal about yourself or the children.
> Discipline-Volunteers are expected to follow standard discipline procedures used by Richstone Staff. If you experience and unruly child or have questions about proper disciplinary methods, please seek assistance from staff.
> Gift Giving- Do not give any gifts to a child unless you have permission from the staff. Also, do not accept gifts from a child if the gift is excessive or inappropriate. If a child constantly gives you small gifts, please notify the staff.
> Outside Richstone- There should not be a relationship between volunteers and children outside of Richstone. This includes giving rides to/from Richtone.
> Other-Please do not purchase anything being sold by children, even if the items are for school fundraising.
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