Sign to Urge Chinese Government to Release them Immediately!

We are feminists all over the world. We are shocked to know that five Chinese young feminist activists were detained right before the International Women’s Day, 2015, because they planned to campaign for anti- sexual harassment on buses.

Twenty years ago, China hosted the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women, signed for Beijing Platform for Action, and made a commitment to promote women’s rights and gender equality. What the Chinese government has done to the five young feminists is unacceptable and violating the spirit of the Beijing Platform for Action and CEDAW.

These five young feminist activists are Tingting LI, Man WANG, Tingting WEI, Rongrong WU, and Churan Zheng. They devote themselves to the mission of raising gender awareness among the general public by using all kinds of innovative methods to change the gender norm and promote gender equality. They are leading a new wave of the feminist movement in China. They are creating the future of China, changing it into a better place to live.

We support them with all our heart, and we want them to know that we are always with them. The coercion against women’s human right defenders happens everywhere, and we MUST defend them, because it’s about them and also about us.

We urge the Chinese government to release them immediately! Please sign up to support us and forward this message as much as you can.

Feminists all over the World
March 9, 2015

Reference link:
The New York Times, March 8, 2015
Edward Wong, China Detains Several Women’s Rights Activists

If you would like to offer further help, please write to 45women@gmail. com

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