Wellbeing session for staff: Flow at Work
Using yoga, meditation and breathing practices, ‘Flow at Work’ is a new range of online wellbeing sessions which aims to give staff the space to find much-needed calmness, connectivity and clarity. The programme is designed to help each individual boost energy, improve sleep, concentration and productivity – critical during these times of stress and uncertainty.

Each of the six sessions have been specifically devised to run consecutively to create a coherent structure and programme of learning and will be delivered live via Zoom by Lucy Parker, Flow’s Founder and Owner . Whether you choose the full programme or a one-off bespoke session the results will remain the same: a happier, more focused you.

Please use the form below to sign up to the sessions you would like to attend. If you can attend them all then that is the best option but we do know how busy you are and so understand if this is note possible.

We look forward to you joining the sessions, the Zoom link will be sent on the day of each session. Any questions do email the EKST Coordinator on ekstpartnership@gmail.com.
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Session 1: Monday 2 November at 5pm FOUNDATION: FINDING STRENGTH IN THE NOW 5 top tips to reduce stress & anxiety, to incorporate healthy habits, empowering you to remain more relaxed & positive and to improve your wellbeing during these challenging times. *
Session 2: Monday 9 November at 5pm BODY: EASING OUT PHYSICAL ACHES & PAINS Movement practices from your desk, chair or sofa, to stretch and strengthen your body, relieve back, neck, wrist and shoulder pain and to restore / increase core strength, stability and balance. *
Session 3: Monday 16 November at 5pm FINDING CALM THROUGH BALANCE Using yogic standing postures & practices, we learn how to use our physical bodies to support our minds and regain a sense of inner strength, equanimity and calm in the eye of the storm. *
Session 4: Monday 23 November at 5pm BREATHING & THE NERVOUS SYSTEM When we understand more about the science behind the breath, and the power that it holds over our mood we can start to use it to our advantage. Only then can we learn some brilliant strategies to calm and steady ourselves with nothing more than the air we breathe! *
Session 5: Monday 30 November at 5pm MIND & THE BRAIN WAVES In this session we will explore how we can regulate our brain waves for our optimal functioning, using some ancient meditation practices in very modern language to help you master your mind and steady the inevitable rise and fall of the waves. *
Session 6: Monday 7 December at 5pm CREATIVITY: EMBRACING YOUR INNER ‘SUPERPOWER’ Combining intellect, emotion and gut instinct into a new and powerful super force leads to a creative clarity of thought and feeling that can be super liberating and help convert problems to opportunities. *
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