Kinky Salon Report
If you experience something at a Kinky Salon that makes you uncomfortable, or you see someone else doing something that seems off, it’s best to report it in person at the front desk. Grab your PAL for support if you need it. If the incident is online then check in with the lobby host- their name is in green at the top of the userlist.

If you can’t make the report at the time, or if you would like to let us know about something that happened outside a Kinky Salon but is relevant to our community, you can also use the form below.

This report will only be seen by one person. Your privacy will be respected and details will only be shared with your consent.

We have a victim-centered process and accept reports as valid, with a focus on minimizing risk to the community rather than resolving conflict. We will never take any steps or say anything without your explicit consent. If you have any questions or concerns you can let us know at
If you choose to be anonymous it can be tricky to follow up, but know that your report will be noted and if the implicated party is flagged again it could be helpful.
If you want us to follow up with you please include your email. If it's blank we will assume you need no further action
Please condense your report into a sentence or two. Example "I was hugged without consent." We know that understanding the nuances of your story might feel important but we believe it’s more effective to strip things down when dealing with complicated issues. We are never judge and jury deciding who is right or wrong. If it feels too difficult we suggest that you enlist the help of a friend (your PAL from the event would be ideal) to create your report. If you don't have anyone to turn to for support please just let us know you need support and we will contact you and guide you through the process.
The name(s) (preferably the username they use at if you know it) of the person or people involved
If you don't know it then leave blank
If this happened at a Kinky Salon please let us know which city (or online if it was online)
Date of incident
What happens next?
We have a victim-centered process and accept reports as valid, with a focus on minimizing risk to the community rather than resolving conflict.

We will contact you to follow up before any further steps are taken.

If we have your consent and if it is appropriate then we will inform the implicated party that there has been a report made involving them and share the report. We will ask for their response. This is not an accusation from Kinky Salon, but a communication about a report we received.

At this point there are a few options available depending on the severity of the report and the comfort levels of the people involved. Ideally the two parties talk directly, but sometimes that won’t happen. These are our policies for these conversations:

We accept the report as valid.
Consideration will be given for circumstances such as personal grudges, bad break ups.
Consideration will not be given for leadership position, volunteer role, or social status.

We are never judge and jury deciding whether someone is right or wrong. We understand that two people can have different experiences. We never make direct accusations or tell people they are guilty. Actions are a result of the process and are mainly reached because of how people respond to the process. There are many options for possible action depending on the situation. We always consider the wishes of the injured party in which action we take.

Here are some great resources for navigating consent
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