FAU 2017 Dance Competition Application

Thank you for your interest in the dance competition at Fur Affinity: United 2017! Please read the following rules before continuing with the application.


    The 2017 FA:U Dance Competition will be held in two parts. The first is a Qualifying Round on Saturday at 11am where you will dance a pre-prepared routine to the music of your choice. The second is a Floor Wars style, 4-round, bracketed elimination event on Sunday at 3pm. In this event each finalist must improvise a routine on the fly to a clip of a randomly chosen song.


    ♫ Those who wish to compete in the Dance Competition should fill out this application. ♫ There will be 30 available slots assigned sequentially based on when your entry is received. On-site entries will be accepted only if slots are available. Please arrive 1 hour prior to the dance competition on Saturday for on-site registration. ♫ If you register online please show up at least 15 minutes early to check in. If you do not submit your music online (See 'music guidelines' below) please arrive 30 minutes early. ♫ Only solo acts may qualify for the Floor Wars competition, however group acts may enter the Qualifying Round and will be judged with special recognition given to the best act. ♫ Each participant may enter only one solo act. You may participate as part of a group act as well as entering a solo act if you wish.

    Schwifty Style (Floor Wars Style Finals)

    ♫ The top 16 dancers from the Saturday Dance Competition will participate in a 4 round single-elimination, bracketed, head-to-head tournament. The winners of each head-to-head will advance to the next round until a champion is found. ♫ In the first round each participant will be paired with someone who has received a similar preliminary score. ♫ A one-minute, randomly selected clip of obscure EDM will be played for each participant in rounds 1 and 2. Rounds 3 and 4 will be two minutes for each participant. ♫ Participants must improvise a dance routine "on the fly" to the selected music and have only one opportunity to do so. The judges will determine a winner for each face off using the same general guidelines used in the qualifying round.


    The top three finalists in Floor Wars will receive prizes as follows ♪ First Place: FA:U 2017 Sponsor Level Registration and a T-Shirt Voucher ♪ Second Place: FA:U 2017 Attending Level Registration and a T-Shirt Voucher ♪ Third Place: T-Shirt Voucher The best group act will receive a T-Shirt Voucher for each participant

    Music Guidelines (Qualifying Round)

    ♫ Performances may be up to two minutes long. We recommend that you do simple edits on your music to prevent any possible issues with start and end times during the competition. If you do not edit your music we will start it at the beginning and it will be faded out at the 2-minute mark. ♫ Music should not contain excessive amounts of profanity or sexually explicit language. Please use a "radio edit" version of the song if it is otherwise profane. Acts should also not be of an overly sexually suggestive nature. Routines that violate this rule may be disqualified. ♫ Music must be provided to us in MP3 (128kbps or higher bitrate please), FLAC, WAV, or AIF format. It can be given to us via USB flash drive or emailed in MP3 format to faudance@lildobe.net. If emailing be sure to include your Badge Name and "FA:U Dance" in the subject line. No music will be accepted on CD, iPod, iPhone, Android Phone, or similar device. ♫ If you do not email your music ahead of time please arrive 30-minutes early on Saturday so that we will have time to copy it.


    Competitors will be judged on a 1-to-10 scale based on five categories: Technique, Execution, Complexity, Musicality, and Crowd Appeal. Your score from all judges will be totaled to determine your placement for Floor Wars. Competitors with similar scores will face off against each other. ♫ Technique Judges will assess how precise your movements are within the chosen style of dance, how confident each move is, as well as how cleanly it is performed. ♫ Execution Judges will evaluate the overall performance of the competitor. This includes the smoothness of transitions, cleanliness of the routine, and the use of the dance area throughout the act. ♫ Complexity Judges will score the level of technical difficulty of individual moves as well as how elaborate the performance as a whole is. Scoring will be affected by the difficulty of dancing in a fursuit. Dance moves performed in a full suit will score higher for the same moves performed in a partial suit or out of suit entirely. ♫ Musicality Judges will score based on how well your routine matches the music to which you are dancing. ♫ Crowd Appeal This category is based solely on the crowd’s reaction to a performance including how much energy the performance generates and overall audience reaction at the end. Routines that are not meant to generate "hype" will not be docked for an enthusiastic but more somber reaction. The goal is to engage the crowd and make it a good show for them


    ♫ All judges’ decisions are final. Participants who argue with the judges will be disqualified. ♫ Prizes must be claimed at the end of the Floor Wars competition. ♫ If for some reason a participant who qualifies for Floor Wars does not show the next highest ranked participant will take their place. Be sure to show up for the finals just in case even if you don't place! ♫ Please remember that while this is a competition the most important thing is to have fun and put on a good show for the audience!
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