LWVNV Legislative Survey 2017
The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization that neither supports nor opposes political parties or candidates. League does, however, support issues related to voting rights, fair and accessible elections, and healthy communities. League is also a strong proponent of good governance through an emphasis on civility and transparent, open, and effective governing processes.

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In Nevada, our legislature has budgeting and regulatory power over many public agencies and programs, which makes our biennial, 120-day legislative sessions very important. Considering all the issues addressed each session, 120 days is a very short amount of time, and the gap in-between sessions is very large.

We believe that in this area, our governing practices can make it difficult to effectively conduct the business of a modern state with twenty-first century needs. This leads us to ask: Could we be more efficient or organize our sessions in ways that better align our legislative outcomes with our overall needs?

In our state, we are constitutionally bound to the biennial time-frame and the 120-day limit, and we are statutorily bound to various other deadlines and rules. This doesn’t mean we can’t change, it just means that some changes are more difficult and time-consuming than others. While constitutional amendments can take five years, statutory changes can happen in one session, if a legislator or the Governor agrees to sponsor a bill.

Either way, both methods for modifying governing practices starts with a discussion of what works well and what we could do better.

League of Women Voters of Nevada, therefore, would like to engage our community to begin assessing our legislative system with a survey. If you would like to participate, please remember, we do not condone attacks against people and will delete all personal references, so only focus on rules, procedures, and practices.

After completing the survey, click on submit below. The survey will be open until July 1st. After July 1st, we will aggregate the submissions into an annotated report for public release. No names will be collected in the survey nor shared in the report.

How did you participate/engage during the 2017 legislative session?
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What are the most effective aspects of our legislative system? Include as many as you’d like:
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If you could change up to three legislative rules, procedures, and/or practices, what would those be?
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Due to term-limits, we have less institutional memory among legislators. If you could enshrine one bit of historical knowledge to pass along to new legislators, what would it be?
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