Dynamic, online recovery plan survey
Thank you for participating in this survey on the prototype dynamic, online recovery plans created by the Defenders of Wildlife. We welcome your feedback to help inform future iterations of the prototypes.

To date, we have created two prototype plans. The first one, for Cook Inlet beluga whale, is the newest example and—at the moment—is a direct translation of the paper-based plan. It illustrates how a current final recovery plan can be presented and styled in an online format even before we begin integrating novel components. The prototype is accessible at https://delleu.esarecovery.org. The password is: pelicans are not whales

The second example, for green sea turtle, is older and does not include all the sections of the final (paper) plan for the species. But it includes integrated section 7 data, visualizations of species threat and demography scores, and other novel features to illustrate potential new features to include in online recovery plans. The prototype is accessible at https://chemydwp.cci-dev.org.

We have selected the whale and turtle to demonstrate the concept of an online plan, but our goal is to develop a general template plan that works for any species. Don’t worry if a feature you see isn't in your species’ recovery plan, or if your recovery plan has a feature that isn't here. We have a lot of flexibility, especially this early in the process. Likewise, we can easily adjust the format and style of the prototypes.

We understand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is pursuing its Recovery Planning and Implementation approach, in which the Species Status Assessment (SSA) and Recovery Implementation Strategy (RIS) are the "living" documents, while the "recovery plan" is streamlined and rarely, if ever, requires updating. For our collaboration with FWS, we will work with the agency to create online, dynamic versions of the SSA and RIS. For brevity, however, we will continue referring to online "recovery plans" in this survey, even though the collaboration will focus on the SSA and RIS.

To learn more about other projects from our new Center for Conservation Innovation, please visit http://www.defenders.org/innovation. You can also contact us directly at esc@defenders.org.

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What are your overall thoughts on the prototype plans?
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Could you easily navigate between the sections of the plans?
If no, what made navigation difficult? For example, were headings unclear or was font size/color/background obscure?
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Did you use the "search" function in the plans to find contents?
If yes, did the search return the results you sought?
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What are your thoughts on the layout of the plans?
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