Water Policy + Innovation Summit '17 Follow-Up Survey
Thank you for your willingness to share your time and knowledge in support of innovative policy ideas leading to the broader deployment of water data technologies.

Please leave feedback and comments below for the teams as they move forward with their policy ideas.

Ideas for feedback:
- Identify a barrier, stakeholder, or key question (and a suggested answer if possible)
- Other groups or organizations working in the space / potential collaborators
- Ideas for funding sources: government grants, foundations, private capital, etc
- Suggest an alternative value proposition
- Ways to improve the implementation plan

Want to get involved in a specific initiative? Include your contact info in that box.

- Tell us what you learned, what struck you, what was most interesting to you
- What can we do better next year?
- Anything and everything you'd like to share

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Feedback for Mammoth Trading
Incentivize the agricultural community to participate in groundwater data monitoring and collection through the development of groundwater trading markets
Read the Policy Brief: http://bit.ly/MammothPolicy
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Take-Away from Mammoth Trading
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Feedback for Got Produce?
Improve farmer access to loans for water efficiency technologies through third-party validation of vendor-claimed water savings
Read the Policy Brief: http://bit.ly/GotProducePolicy
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Take-Away from Got Produce?
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Feedback for CLEE and Water Power Law Group
Create a modern information system of water rights and water use that will enable deliberate, real-time decision making on the allocation of water in California
Read the Policy Brief: http://bit.ly/CLEEPolicy
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Take-Away from CLEE and Water Power Law Group
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