2017 GMVUAC Survey And Election
GMVUAC OVERVIEW and Community Service Area Map (excludes the City of Maple Valley)
Do you wish to be considered for membership on the Council (limited to registered voters 18 years or older and residing in one of the above Community Service Areas)?
If you answered YES or MAYBE to the above question, please give us your contact information including name, street address, mailing address, phone number, and email address. A member of the Council will contact you to pursue your interest. NOTE: if you wish not to give us this information in your response, please attend the next regular meeting of the Council and tell us in person of your interest in being considered for membership.
Your answer
I am presently in the following age group:
If you pay King County Real Estate Taxes (i.e., property taxes), what percent has your total tax payment increased over the past 5 years? If you don't know the percent increase, please tell us the total $ increase after "Other". (Note that > means greater than, and < means less than)
Do you fear (or have a very real concern about) being forced out of (or having to sell) your own home because of the increase in property taxes referenced in the above question?
Are you aware that there may be available to you at least some reduction in, or other relief from, your property tax bill based on special circumstances or conditions prescribed by statute?
The GMVUAC has several Committees and Focal Points of interest on which its Members and Non-Member residents serve to promote and address the issues and concerns of the residents of its Community Service Areas. Even though you may not wish to be a Member of the Council, you are very welcome to participate in our discussions and work related to various issues and concerns highlighted by the survey questions following each Committee or Focal Point introduction. Please come to one of our Council meetings and we will do our best to get you on a Committee or Focal Point of interest to you. Are you interested in such participation?
The ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE is currently working with the Economic Committee of the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) and King County. Would you like to participate on this Committee?
I have a small business operated/conducted from my home or property:
If you answered YES to the above question, please tell us of any issues or problems related to starting and/or operating your business from your home or on your property, and whether you would like any assistance from King County or other entity or organization in the economic growth and viability of your business:
Your answer
Please tell us what type(s) of economic development you would like to see in your area, if any (e.g., more small business, home occupations, neighborhood shops, commercial outlets, wine and beer production, events, etc.):
Your answer
Please tell us of any problems or issues you have experienced with neighborhood events or small businesses (e.g., traffic, noise, wine or beer tasting parties, weddings, picnic areas, etc.):
Your answer
The GROWTH MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE is currently working with King County on Comprehensive Plan and Zoning issues, water availability studies and water banking proposals, road conditions due to commercial and residential development, marijuana production, and specific development proposals regarding the Elk Heights Gravel Pit and Reserve Silica properties. Would you like to participate on this Committee?
The Washington State Supreme Court HIRST decision requires that although water may legally be available and exempt from obtaining a groundwater withdrawal permit, an applicant for a building permit must nevertheless demonstrate that water is factually available such that no existing water uses will be impacted by a new withdrawal. The effect of HIRST is that you could be denied the right to build a new home on your legal lot or even add a deck or new room to your existing home, and that you might not be able to even drill a new water well or modify an existing well on your own land to serve your home. Do you support the HIRST decision?
I plan on applying for a building permit from King County within the next two years:
If you have recently applied for and/or obtained a building or development permit or approval from King County, please tell us of your experience with such process, any issues or problems with the process, and how you rate the existing process (good, bad, great, terrible, etc.):
Your answer
There has been a lot of housing development and residential growth in King County in recent time; with about 99% of that growth occurring within city limits and only about 1% in the rural area. Do you support additional residential development (housing) in our rural area?
Regardless of how you answered the above question, do you believe that you should be able to build one home on one vacant lot? Note -- consider in your answer whether your neighbor should enjoy this same ability to build one home on an adjoining vacant lot to your home.
I have one of the following interests or relationships with respect to the residence (home, apartment, or other dwelling) in which I now live:
The acreage on which my residence is located is:
For water supply, my residence is on a (served by):
I use water for each of the following purposes:
Regarding water usage, please indicate if you:
Do you oppose any requirement for the State or local government to monitor or measure your water usage?
Do you approve of the marijuana laws of the State of Washington?
If you have had any issues or concerns regarding marijuana growing or production/processing in your area, please tell us those problems and what you would like the GMVUAC to do with respect to your issues or concerns:
Your answer
Please tell us of any problems or concerns you have with, or changes you would like to, any specific policies set forth in the King County Comprehensive Plan (e.g., growth, transportation, protection of rural area, neighborhood business or commercial areas, etc.):
Your answer
The ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE is currently working with both State and King County agencies on cleanup and reclamation of the Reserve Silica and Landsburg mine sites, and with King County on managing open space and natural areas. Would you like to participate on this Committee?
For sewage treatment and disposal, my residence is on a (served by):
If you are on an onsite sewage system, I have my septic tank pumped:
Although not likely based on the defeat of past proposals, I oppose any possible future State or King County Health Department proposal that would require annual monitoring, required pumping, required easements, and/or additional assessment of fees as part of an onsite sewage system management program:
I have been required to make a modification, upgrade, or replacement to my onsite sewage system (septic tank, drainfield, mound, pressure distribution system, etc.) in the past 5 years:
If you answered YES to the above question, please tell us in general terms what you were required to do, what agency made the requirement, any problems encountered, and how much the required action cost:
Your answer
I experience odor/noxious smell problems where I live:
If you answered YES or Occasionally to the above question, please tell us the source and type of such odors/smells (e.g., compost facilities, agricultural, marijuana production, industrial, etc.):
Your answer
I experience noise/excessive sound problems where I live:
If you answered YES or Occasionally to the above question, please tell us the source and type of noise/excessive sound (e.g., construction, industrial, municipal, race way, gravel mining/processing, forestry, traffic, neighbors, animals, etc.):
Your answer
Do you use nearby open space and/or natural areas to hike, bicycle, horseback ride, sightsee, etc.?
If you use such open space or natural areas, please tell us which areas you use, for what purpose(s) you use such areas, and of any problems or issues regarding your use of such area(s):
Your answer
Do you support King County's programs for flood control, flood protection, water safety for boaters and swimmers, fish habitat, and flood-endangered property acquisition?
Please tell us of any problems or issues with, or changes you would like made to, any of the above surface water-related matters:
Your answer
The TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE is working with other unincorporated area councils to interface with the State, King County, and the PSRC on transportation/traffic congestion issues and PSRC 2040 updates. Would you like to participate on this Committee?
I commute (or regularly use) the following roads to travel to work or for other purposes (e.g., school, shopping, etc.):
The normal/usual daily duration of my commute using the above roads is:
Within the last 5 years, please tell us how traffic has impacted you and your quality of life (e.g., added stress, change routes, moved to new residence, etc.):
Your answer
I would approve a construction project to widen SR 169 to four lanes from the City of Maple Valley to the existing four lane portion south of Renton:
The cost to widen SR 169 to four lanes between Maple Valley and Renton has been estimated at roughly $200 million. If this project were to be financed by a local Transportation Benefit District (TBD; a quasi-municipal taxing authority created pursuant to RCW 36.73), the TBD could impose an additional property tax, sales tax, and/or vehicle license fee on residents of the TBD; and could charge a toll on all users. Would you be willing to approve the creation of a TBD and pay increased taxes, fees, charges, and/or tolls in order to widen SR 169?
I would like additional Park & Ride areas along SR 18 and SR 169 and the availability of bus service at such locations (e.g., near intersection with Issaquah-Hobart Road; near Green River Community College; Black Diamond area; etc.):
Other than creating a TBD, I would approve the use of the following to finance or aid in the construction of improvements to the above roads to lessen my commute time, or to lessen congestion and improve transportation:
The PUBLIC RELATIONS/BYLAWS COMMITTEES review and update Council Bylaws, and prepare and conduct biennial surveys and elections. Would you like to participate on these Committees?
Please tell us what specific new/different question(s) you would like to see on GMVUAC's next biennial survey:
Your answer
Do you think it's a good idea to have a monthly snap survey (single question) conducted on the GMVUAC website?
Do you receive, or otherwise obtain, a copy of the weekly Voice of the Valley news publication?
Please tell us what other local newspapers or publications (other than The Seattle Times or the Tacoma News Tribune) you receive or obtain on a regular basis:
Your answer
If you do get a copy of the Voice the Valley, do you read the section devoted to GMVUAC news and events?
If you have read the GMVUAC new section of the Voice of the Valley, do you find such information helpful and educational as to current and future activities of the Council?
Please tell us how you first found out about the 2017 GMVUAC Survey and Election:
Please tell us what you think of the GMVUAC Logo and Mission Statement (on our website) -- do they convey the message to you of who we are and what we do (and any changes you would like to see to either):
Your answer
Other than this time, how many times have you visited the GMVUAC website in the past:
The TRAIN SHOW COMMITTEE plans and conducts a model train show held at Gracie Hansen center in Ravensdale every October. Would you like to participate on this Committee?
Please tell us whether you have attended our annual Train Show, and if you have any suggestions for improvement of this event:
Your answer
Would you like to volunteer and help us with a future Train Show at Gracie Hansen center (e.g., set up, security, greeter, clean up, etc.)? If YES, please contact us.
The PUBLIC SAFETY FOCAL POINT reports to the Council on matters concerning and contacts with the Sheriff's Office, Fire District, Cedar River Committee, etc. Would you like to participate on this Focal Point to help as a volunteer?
Please tell us whether in the last 2 years you have had occasion to contact either the Sheriff's Office or Fire District #43 for aid; and if you did, how would you describe the service you received:
Your answer
I object to the closure of, or reduction in full time staffing at, local Fire District #43 Stations (e.g., Hobart, Ravensdale, near PlaMor Tavern, etc.):
I approve the use of the following to finance the full operation, maintenance, staffing, and physical improvements to Fire District #43:
The SCHOOL DISTRICT FOCAL POINT reports to the Council on matters concerning and contacts with the Tahoma School District. Would you like to participate on this Focal Point to help as a volunteer?
Please tell us of any issue(s) or concern(s) you have with the Tahoma School District:
Your answer
PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE RESPONSE PER PERSON. Anyone living in our Community Service Area is welcome to complete this Survey. If you have a paper copy of this Survey, please mail it to the GMVUAC, give it to one of our Members, or submit it to us at our next Council meeting. Thank you for taking your time to complete the 2017 GMVUAC Survey and Election Questionnaire -- Results will be summarized and published in an upcoming issue of the Voice of the Valley.
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Please feel free to tell us any thoughts you have regarding this Survey. Also if you wish, please expand on any previous response(s).
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