NBIS Course Application - Single cell RNA sequencing data analysis , Scilifelab Solna, 27-30 January 2020

Please note that NBIS training events do not provide any formal university credits.
The training content is estimated to correspond to a certain number of credits, however the estimated credits are just guidelines.
If formal credits are crucial, the student needs to confer with the home department before course application, whether the course is valid for formal credits or not.
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R experience guidlines
* None - have not worked with R before
* Beginner - has ran some R code, can install packages and are familiar with R data formats.
* Intermediate - can read, understand and write own R scripts (not only cut and paste).
* Advanced - develops own code, can create packages etc.
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This information needs to be included to guarantee your spot in the training event, if you are to be accepted. By giving the invoice information you hereby confirm that the group leader/PI have given her/his consent regarding your possible participation in the NBIS Training event. NOTE – Uppsala University cannot invoice individuals.
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