2022 Numeric Coach Application (JHB)
Numeric aims to create exciting and high impact learning environments in low-income areas, with a view to helping young South Africans excel in mathematics. A key part of our programmes is the passionate and dedicated coaches who work directly with the kids, typically students with an interest in education and community service.

For full details about coaching positions in Johannesburg, visit www.numeric.org/vacancies. Otherwise, if you already know you want to apply, simply complete the application form below.

Coaches work with the same group of 20-25 Grade 6-7 learners throughout the year and meet with them twice a week during afternoons. Coaches are trained and are paid hourly for their time. If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please complete the form below.

Please think carefully about your answers, particularly in the motivation section. Candidates who put more time and effort into this application will be given preference at the interview stage.

Please note: Applications are due by 8 October 2021.
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