BUUF Childcare Request Form
For any BUUF event outside of Sunday morning childcare. Please Submit one week prior. If after that please email DRE.
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There is no charge to you for childcare for congregational events, as BUUF feels it is important to make our activities welcoming and accessible to all. However, please be aware that we pay our childcare workers a fair wage, we strive to always have two childcare attendants, and that besides the cost there is the effort to arrange the childcare. When childcare is requested and then the children are no-shows it is a waste of resources. Please call to let us know if you don’t need the childcare after all, so we can cancel arrangements. A no-show will be assumed to cancel further dates within the same request. *
I have read the above and agreed to be responsible and give notice if I no longer need this childcare.
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