BIMA LifeSavers 2019 - Community Lead and Volunteer Recruitment Form
BIMA Lifesavers so far...
In Lifesavers 2018, 75 mosques from all over the UK with over 700 healthcare professionals delivered essential Basic Life Support skills to over 3,000 members of the public - all in the space of one day!

Alhamdulillah BIMA Lifesavers has grown from 3 to 75 mosques in the space of 4 years which has only been possible because of the passion and determination of our volunteers.

We will be running FREE basic life support sessions in over 75 mosques across the country on Saturday 28th September 2019 and we need YOU!

Now, we are now looking to recruit Community leads and Volunteers for 2019. If you would like to use your time, skills and expertise to help run one of the largest national teaching programs in the country, please complete this form.


Mosque Lead - Lead the team delivering Lifesavers at your local mosque. This role requires you to recruit volunteers for your mosque, and be the point of contact for the mosque committee. You will need to help to lead the team on the day, and liaise with the regional team.

Team Volunteer- Member of the local mosque team delivering Lifesavers at a local mosque. This role requires you to help advertise the event to the local community, and help set up, clear up and deliver the event.

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