Cheer Application
Thank you for applying.

After submitting this application, the applicant will receive an electronic invite to upload a video to their school Google drive.
The video should show the applicant exhibiting the following skills.
A toe touch, double toe touch, a chant and a cheer of your choice.
Videos should be submitted by 8p on TBA.

Questions: Email
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Please list any previous cheer experience. Tell where and the years you participated. *
It's OK if you are unable to tumble yet, but if you can please check all you can perform consistently without a spot: *
It's OK if you have never stunted before, but if you have please check all you can perform consistently: *
Please list any activities you participate in that may interfere with cheer. *
Please read the following selection carefully.
I understand that if I am chosen as a Pike High School Cheerleader, I will be required to attend all games and practices scheduled by the coach and to help with all spirit activities (posters, decorating, clinics, etc...). I understand there is a cost involved and my parent/guardian is prepared to purchase the necessary cheer items. I understand that if I am chosen for the Varsity team I will be required to compete. I understand I am a student first and must maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA to remain on the squad and a 2.5 or higher GPA in order to perform. I have a school physical on file with the Athletic Department and I am currently cleared by a physician to participate. I understand that Cheerleading is a privilege, not a right and I agree to follow ALL guidelines or will be asked to leave the squad. *
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