Stewardship Survey
Technology is changing the way we use “God’s” money. Carrying no checks or very little to no cash is the norm rather than the exception. This lifestyle change makes it more challenging to support the work of the church. Therefore, the church council is seeking your input on how best to accommodate today’s lifestyle. Beside the envelope packets assigned to our members we are looking into a variety of ways to help our members give faithfully and regularly by adding:
Online PayPal (already set up at our website)
Text-to-give—members may donate via text message to a private number dedicated to our church.
Electronic Funds Transfer

These options give our members the ability to:
• give when out of town
• give without checks and cash

We value your input and ask that you take a minute to fill out this survey.

Email address
I would prefer to honor the Lord and support the work of the church by:
When using another means of giving, other than my envelopes, I would:
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