Communications Request
This form is required for any and all communications/publicity requests. Advance notice for requests is required, so please submit this form ASAP after planning an event. Failure to place a request in a timely manner may result in the inability of the office to provide communications support.

Please note that this form is NOT to be used for reserving a space on the WSBC campus; this form is to be filled out AFTER such a reservation has already been made and confirmed.

Please fill this form out in its entirety, and a member of our staff will contact you after the next staff meeting (held weekly on Tuesdays) with how we can help.
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Name of Person Submitting Request *
Ministry Group Sponsoring This Request *
Email of Person Submitting Request *
Phone Number of Person Submitting Request *
Name of Program/Event *
Is This A Multi-Day Event? *
If You Answered "Yes" Above, Please Explain.
Is this a weekly event? Monthly?
Event Date *
Event Time *
Event Location *
Please note: this is NOT a request to book space on the WSBC Campus, only to publicize an event that has ALREADY been booked. Please submit a space request BEFORE a communications request.
Who Is This Event For? *
Is this event geared towards women? Children? Men? Families? Singles? Members? Non-members?
General Event Description *
Please provide a short description of what the event will entail so that some details can be used for publishing.
Is Registration Required? *
If So, How Does Registration Work?
Is There a Cost for This Event? *
If So, How Does Payment Work?
Requested Communications Outlets *
If You Marked "Other" Above, Please Explain.
Please provide an explanation of the alternative outlet you would like us to help you with for your event.
Dates & Specific Content for Publicity *
Please provide the preferred dates and any preferred verbiage for the above marked items.
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