1:1 Blog Coaching Questionnaire
EEE! I am SO stoked that you're here and you're making moves to up your blogging game! I can't wait to learn all about you and your blog and see if we're a good fit for 1:1 Blog Coaching.
This questionnaire is for you to tell me a bit about yourself and your blog (or the blog you're hoping to create), any struggles you're having, and what you'd like to get out of a call together. While it's a short questionnaire, I've left you plenty of room to be as detailed as possible; this will allow us both to sus out whether 1:1 Blog Coaching is for you and how we can make the most our of our time together.

How does that sound?!

Let's do it!

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What aspects of blogging would you like to chat about in our time together? *
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Which 1:1 blog coaching package are you interested in? *
How did you hear about me? (I'm just curious! 😉) *
Nearly there! Where can I find you on social media? (You can list as many as you like! Please include links or handles.)
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Any final comments or remarks?
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You made it through! *cheers*

Hit that submit button below and I'll take a look at your comments and see if we'd be a good fit. I'll be in touch with you within 3 working days of receiving this form, and we can take the next step!

Can't wait!

PLEASE NOTE: Filling in the questionnaire does NOT lock you in for 1:1 blog coaching. But neither does it guarantee we'll be a good fit (coz hey, sometimes that happens, right?). Either way, I'll be in touch! Catch ya then!
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