3DS Max Final Review Questions #1 and #2
This upcoming Final Exam will cover most of the 3DS Max tools and techniques that we have learned so far this semester and is taken from the Chapter Quizzes completed throughout the course. To prepare for this section of the Final, we will be reviewing some concepts and tools over the next week or so. All of these items WILL be on the Final Exam and this is your time to review. Please make sure that you give thorough and precise answers, using any resources available to you. You will NOT be able to use these resources on the actual Final Exam.
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Question ONE: What is 3DS Max? What can/does it do? *
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Question TWO: Describe each of the GIZMO(S) (see above) that we have used in the 3DS Max interface this semester. What do they do? How do you use them? *
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