The Green Gallery exhibition opportunities
Turnip Green Creative Reuse invites artists and curators to submit their work for solo and group exhibitions for its 2019–2020 season. We are seeking artists who incorporate reuse materials into their art: reclaimed, reused, recovered, found, second-hand, salvaged — anything un-new. Turnip Green features two exhibition galleries: The Green Gallery at Turnip Green Creative Reuse (945 Woodland Ave, Nashville, TN) and The Green Gallery at EastSide Station (805 Woodland Ave, Nashville, TN).

The Green Gallery at Turnip Green Creative Reuse was started six years ago to further our mission of creativity and sustainability, particularly in support of visual artists invested in reuse material. Exhibitions are 4 to 6 weeks, with openings held during the second Saturday East Side Art Stumble.

Gallery specs for The Green Gallery at Turnip Green: The gallery is approximately 360 sq/ft, with two 20 ft walls and one 16 ft wall. The ceiling is approximately 10 ft to floor. Walls are painted white with fluorescent lighting supplemented by clamp spot lights. Artwork displayed can be wall-based, free-standing, or suspended. Some pedestals are also available. The gallery is open to the public 28 hours per week and by appointment.

The Green Gallery at EastSide Station was started in the spring of 2018. EastSide Station features local businesses, and the gallery is located within its public areas and hallways. Exhibitions are three months in duration, with receptions every second Saturday during the East Side Art Stumble. EastSide Station has several long walls, approximately 10 ft tall. The walls are painted white, light green, orange, and pink.

These are not your typical galleries, as artists keep 70% of sales while 30% is donated to Turnip Green. The term of the contact is only for the length of the exhibition.

Small works of art and handcrafted objects made from reuse material can also be shown in our Artist Marketplace, which is a separate show of works by various artists that runs concurrently with our Green Gallery exhibitions. Art rotates in and out of the Artist Marketplace every six months.

Please direct questions to

Artist Statement: briefly describe your work
Biography: briefly describe who you are and your background. Feel free to include where you live, your education, and/or featured exhibitions.
How does your artwork relate to and support our mission of fostering creativity and sustainability through reuse?
Exhibition proposal: briefly describe your exhibition and how you will use the space. Is this a solo or group exhibition? Does it have a title? A theme?
Which gallery are you interested in? (select all that apply)
When are you available to exhibit work within 2019–2020?
Are you interested in teaching an educational art workshop about your creative process during the course of the exhibition? The activity must also relate to TGCR's mission of being sustainable. If so, briefly describe how the workshop would run, group size, length of time, number of meetings, fee or free, etc. TGCR staff is limited, and while a volunteer may be available to provide some support, it's recommended that you bring your own assistants, if any should be necessary during the workshop. Best projects will be adaptable for students of all ages.
Resume, curriculum vitae, or exhibition record (optional)
Upload 5 to 10 work samples for art to be included within the proposed exhibition. These may include sketches or plans.
Type here (or upload below) an image list describing the work above; include title, media, dimension of each work sample submitted.
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