Crete Street Studio Enrolment Form 2020
At Crete Street Studio we understand that teaching our youth how to behave in a theatre environment and to work collaboratively is important. We appreciate any support from the youth students’ parents/guardians in achieving these objectives. We understand, giving the update of our youth program, that there may be some ‘teething’ issues and the B.T.G. committee will appreciate any feedback/concerns from our students or their parents/guardians.

The primary aim of our youth program is to facilitate and promote students growth as a performer. This happens when you;
• Give your individual best effort to classes and activities
• Contribute positively to classes and activities

Crete Street Studio thrives on providing a diverse and inclusive environment. In order to do this, we place a high value on the physical and emotional safety of all our students. Theatres can potentially be dangerous places. We can ensure safety when you;
• Respect the personal space and property of others.
• Do not touch props and equipment that are not in use by your Studio class.
• Follow theatre etiquette and protocols at ALL TIMES.
• Move safely around the theatre – especially on and around the stage.
• Solve problems and conflicts without violence of ANY type.
• Use equipment with supervision or instruction of an authorised person.

At the Crete Street Studio we expect each and every student to treat others with respect and courtesy at all times. We act and communicate in a manner that reflects the awareness of the rights of others. You are being respectful when you;
• Act and speak in a way that shows you care about the rights, emotions and ideas of others.
• Treat other people’s property with care.
• Listen attentively to your fellow students, your tutors and B.T.G Committee members.
• Learn and follow the theatre protocols/etiquette consistently.
• Choose to work in positive ways with other theatre group members.

Crete Street Studio values the importance of learning to self-manage, being able to make appropriate behavioural choices and accept responsibility for the choices that are made. You are being responsible when you;
• Make an effort to be organised – be punctual to classes, learn lines and choreography, bring props and costumes when asked.
• Follow directions from Tutors and ALL responsible adults of the BTG Membership.
• Accept that you are responsible for the choices you make and the consequences for those choices.
• Are committed to improving your ability to make good choices.

Drama is a group activity which fails totally if one member is not cooperating, cooperation is ESSENTIAL to participate in the Crete Street Studio program. You are being cooperative when you;
• Show concern for others.
• Act and speak in a way that demonstrates good manners towards others (Tutors, Students, Parents and other B.T.G Members).
• Listen attentively when others are speaking.
• Resolve problems and conflict without verbal and physical aggression.
• Choose to work with others in respectful and positive ways.

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