Genealogy "Family Tree" Software Survey
We are taking a survey on what "Family Tree" software are members are using.  You can fill this form out even if you are not a member of our society.
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What "Family Tree" software are you currently using? *
Please select your primary software if you use more than one title.  If your software is not listed, select "Other" and type the name of your program.
How many names (individuals) do you have in your family file?
Enter the number of names (individuals) you have in your family file.  This can normally be found under statistics or properties.
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How long have you been using your current software?
Version upgrades do not need to reset the clock.
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Would you recommend your software to others?
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What do you like about your current software?
Explain why you use your current software, what features you like, etc.
What do you dislike about your current software?
Explain what you would like to see added to your software or the features that do not work as you expect them to.
Are you looking to change family tree software?
Answer here if you are looking for new software or if you are happy with your current software.
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If you are looking for new software, what features would you require?
Provide features that you would need in software if you are looking to change.
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