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We are a public serving sustainability educational site with live-on stewards who manage and run the cooperative and non-profit. We are a 7 year old cooperative that have a deep desire to experiment with alternative organizing structures and regenerative land management in an urban environment. We are a dynamic group who are deeply committed to social and environmental justice work in the Bay Area.

We currently are in search of 2-3 stewards with strong skills and experience in: Administration, Construction/Repair, and IT/Web/Social Media. If this is you we would love to hear from you. Stewards ‘Lead’ in a focused area that we hone in on together through the application and interview process. In addition, all stewards have the opportunity to contribute some of their weekly time as a 'Support' to other elements of the project. This allows for each steward to be in collaboration with others and decentralizes our processes.

Searching for self motivated people! You bring: passions, expertise, and experience that are already well developed, a social network, and fundraising skills, a bonus!

As a community, PLACE is deeply committed to fostering a decolonized vision of community and connection to each other and our planet. We understand that holding this vision for justice and equity falls short without proper representation of diverse communities, particularly those which have been historically marginalized.

We see that amidst all of our critical movement building, there is a need for deeper work towards collective liberation. We therefore strive to create an open and honest environment that does not ignore the state of our currently gentrifying neighborhoods, and unstable economic, environmental, and political climate.

We believe that authentic relationships between diverse groups of people comes from hard work of trust building. It is crucial to our work at PLACE to have many perspectives present in our community. We are committed to embracing the tough conversations that are necessary in order to grow as individuals and as a collective. In our search for a new steward member, we strongly encourage people of historically marginalized communities to apply.

We are passionate about these things and hope you are as well: gardening, permaculture, ecology, placemaking, art, music, social justice, environmental justice, cooperative living and are not shy about frequent meetings to plan, report and complete tasks together. Please love communal cooking and eating together.

All interested applicants must fill out this form for consideration. We will contact you to set up an interview once we review applications in batches. We apologize in advance if we are unable to respond to all inquiries, we are lacking Admin support currently and are doing our best to share the various admin tasks needed at this time.

Please, no facebook messages.

Thank you for applying and we look forward to meeting you!

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Are you able to attend an interview on a Wednesday night? *
Tell us about yourself in a cover letter. Speak to your background as it relates to what you feel you can offer our cooperative community who live and volunteer here. Include what you are passionate about and why you believe you would be a good match here. PLEASE attach files: 1) your cover letter, 2) your resume, 3) two references; one from work and one from a close friend, someone who knows you well. *
Please describe any experience you have living/working in community/coops, etc. What do you most enjoy about it? What do you find challenging? *
Describe your interests/experience with any or all of these: gardening, permaculture, ecology, placemaking, art, music, social justice, environmental justice, cooperative living, communal cooking and eating together. *
How do you feel about weekly & additional meetings to plan, report, and complete tasks together?
Describe your level of cleanliness/organization 1-10 (1 being very messy and disorganized, 10 being very clean and organized). We all share responsibilities with chores here. *
Are you able to contribute 8-10 hours a week to the community in your role as a Steward? Additional hours are expected with weekly organization meetings, pod (committee) meetings, and monthly action days (volunteer day when we all work together on projects on site) and house chores.
Rent is $600/mo & utilities starts at $50/mo per month. Are you able to pay this rent and utilities monthly?
Are you able to pay first and last month's rent and deposit? Deposit is half the rent.
We have 1 dog, 3 cats and 2 pet bunnies who do hang out in our common spaces, indoor and outdoor. Are you allergic to animals?
Minimum 9 month to 1 year commitment; Is this you? And can be more.
Are you willing to take direction or be in a mentoring relationship with others?
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