College Audition Program Application 2019-2020
The Long Center’s College Audition Program (CAP) offers high school students rigorous preparation for the college audition process. Carefully structured to offer students and their families individualized consultation, training, and practical preparation for their college theatre auditions, the program grows in intensity as senior year approaches.

College Audition Program runs September – February.

Program directors Ginger Morris and Adam Roberts are thrilled to bring to CAP a combined 30 years of experience training high school students for college auditions. Former students have attended such prestigious schools as The Boston Conservatory, Carnegie Mellon, CCM, Elon, Ithaca, Juilliard, Millikin, NYU, OCU, OU, Pace, Rider, Texas State, UT, Webster, and more. This program is specifically designed to prepare and guide students and their families through the audition process.

In their senior year, students receive private coaching sessions to fine-tune the monologues and songs they’ll present to college auditors. The CAP experience culminates in February of each year when seniors travel to Chicago Unified auditions to share their audition packages with various schools.

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Video Link Upload: Please do not spend more than half an hour on this. And if you do not have pieces at all, skip it. You may record on your mobile device at home. Upload a link to the following video(s): 1. one or two short (16-32 bar) cuts of songs from musical theatre rep. 2. one or two monologues under 1 minute each. 3. a short section of dance that shows your dance strengths (optional). If you do two songs and/or monologues, choose contrasting pieces.
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