The Eight Energies: An In-depth Exploration
~ Sundays 8/5, 8/26, 9/16 | Los Altos, CA ~

美 國 陳 式 太 極 拳 聯 會 : 黃 偉 兒 老 師
American Chen Taiji Society Summer Workshop Series with Master Wong Wai Yi (Tony), 20th generation direct lineage from Chen Family Taijiquan, International Taiji Competition First Grade Award & Gold Medalist, and Certified Taiji Instructor by the Chen Taijiquan School of Wenxian, China.

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CONTACT Yan Li <> for questions regarding this workshop series.

The "Eight energies" (八劲), also called the "Eight methods" (八法), are the elemental building blocks of Taijiquan movements. These are: 掤 (péng, to expand/ward off), 捋 (lǚ, to divert/roll back), 挤 (jǐ, to press), 按 (àn, to push), 采 (cǎi, to pluck), 挒 (liě, to split), 肘 (zhǒu, to strike with the elbow), and 靠 (kào, to lean/strike with the torso). The Eight Energies embody the essential dualities of Taijiquan: opening/closing (开合), and softness/hardness (刚柔). The eight energy drills can be practiced on their own both for the general health benefits of Taijiquan and as a training tool for Taijiquan as a martial art.

This 3-part workshop series is both an introduction and an in-depth exploration of the eight energies, and is suitable for
- beginners of Taijiquan (no prior experience required; workshops #1 and #2 are prerequisites of subsequent ones);
- experienced Taijiquan students interested in improving the quality of their movements in hand forms and/or in push hands (no restriction on styles but we will be using examples from Chen Style forms)

At the workshops, participants will
- learn and grasp the eight energy drills in discrete exercises and in a sequential flow;
- explore and practice where and how each energy is expressed in the form sequences using select postures in Chen Family Taijiquan Laojia Yilu and Laojia Erlu (you don't need to have learned these forms to be able to follow the workshop program);
- explore and practice how to apply the eight energies in pushhands through simple (and fun!) partner exercises.

All workshops are on Sunday, 9am-12pm & 2pm-5pm. Location detail TBA in registration confirmation email.

Aug. 5:
#1. The Soft: Peng, Lu, Ji, An 外柔:掤捋挤按
Aug. 26:
#2. The Hard: Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao 内刚:采挒肘靠
Sep. 16:
#3. Soft and Hard: 8 Energies Flow 刚柔相济

Each workshop day is structured to include
AM: drills and flow
-- led and self practice;
-- mini lectures and Q&A;
-- small group demos (”exams”) for individual feedback;
PM: application in forms and pushhands
-- led and individual self practice;
-- guided partner exercises and practice.

- $120 per day or $320 for the complete series;
- $65 per half-day session (mornings only) or $180 for all morning sessions.

ACTS AFFILIATES (see definitions below):
- $100 per day or $280 for the complete series;
- $55 per half-day session (morning only for beginners) or $150 for all morning sessions.

Cash or check. If paying by check, add $30 processing fee per check. Write check payable to Anthony Wong. Submit check in class or mail to:
American Chen Taiji Society
P.O. Box 156
Moffett Field, CA 94035

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