What's Your Body Type? Quiz
"Let your food be your medicine." Hippocrates

The Elements have been understood and used for 1000s of years in traditional healthcare and medicine.

The four Elements are: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Earth is cold and dry. It represents heaviness, stability, firmness, and solidification.

Water is cold and moist. It represents dispersion, malleability, and adaptiveness.

Air is warm and moist. It represents rarefaction, refinement, and lightness.

Fire is hot and dry. It represents maturation, integration, rising, and transformation.

Since we human beings have become disconnected from nature, and from the Elements and qualities, your activity is to get back in touch with the Elements in nature.

Go outside and experience the Elements through touch, sounds, and sights.

We each fall into one of four categories for a body type or temperament. In this assessment, I ask you questions that will help you better understand how to feed your body. Once you have completed the form, send me an email at hello@cordeliagaffar.com
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