Carver 2021 Parent Survey
The Carver School Advisory Counsel would like your feedback and perspective on the current 2020- 2021 school year.

***All responses may be provided anonymously.***

The below questions were created to gather feedback from parents about the student experience at Carver, their academic achievement, process transparency, and access to resources.

We anticipate the survey will take about five minutes of your time. All respondents are able to edit their responses after submission, if there is additional information you would like to add.

***Responses are voluntary and will be kept confidential.***

On behalf of the Carver community, we thank you in advance for your participation.

Support Academic Achievement | Improve School Climate | Strengthen Family Engagement
Is your student new to Carver this year? (For more than one student, please complete separate surveys for each student.) *
Please select your child's current grade :
Thinking about your student’s experience beginning in September 2020. Overall, how satisfied are you with your student’s academic experience? *
Are you aware that Carver offers Honors, AP classes and Dual Enrollment (beginning in 11th grade) for all HS students?
Clear selection
Are you interested in learning more about how students can take Honors, AP classes or participate in Dual Enrollment?
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If you have a HS student, is he/she/they currently taking any Honors, AP or Dual Enrollment classes?
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If you have an 8th grade student, does he/she/they intend to apply for any Honors or AP class in 9th grade?
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Are there any specific classes that you think are particularly good at Carver? If yes, please tell us which class(es) and why?
Are there any specific classes that you think could use improvement at Carver? If so, please share your feedback.
*** Social & Emotional Well-being ***
Since March of 2020, all students have been attending school remotely. Overall, how would you rate your student’s remote learning experience? *
Please share any specific experiences in regards to remote learning for your student that you want Carver staff to know. Is there something that is working well? or is there something you would like to change with the current remote system?
Are you aware that the school district offers multiple resources to support your student’s mental health?
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Please provide your email address, if you would like Carver to send you a list of available resources offered by the school district to support your student's mental health. (If not, please respond N/A) *
Do you need or want a school district representative to reach out to your student and/or family immediately for any reason?
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What activities or tips has your family implemented or heard about to support your student’s social interaction during remote learning?
Carver strives to ensure that every student has a trusted adult (a person he/she/they can turn to for assistance) in the building. Do you believe your child has a trusted adult in the school?
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