CL+ Fest Submissions to MIT Computational Law Report
Every year, the annual _Computational Law + Festival_ sees Legal Hackers all around the globe educating each other on emergent issues, hacking on cool projects, and discussing emergent policy implications of Computational Law.

The MIT Computational Law Report is celebrating all of this great work by enabling participants from each node to submit a contribution to a special symposium Release of the publication, which will be available at
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Guidelines for Submission
Content should be related to learnings, projects, and outcomes from CL+ Fest 2020 and must include the following:

1) an affirmation that content may be open-sourced under the CC-4.0 license

2) a written summary of the novel and innovative work completed at your node - summaries should be between 1000 - 1500 words and should be linked

3) a link to a video overview of some of the great work your node completed on Youtube (optional, but strongly encouraged)

4) a link to any additional pieces of content you would like to link to for further reading (optional)
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Miscellaneous information -- including links to associated social media for your chapter, hashtags, sponsors, challenge winners, etc.
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