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The FIIB learning approach uses considerable amount of technology and therefore all students enrolled in FIIB need to have a laptop for their coursework. The minimum configurations for smooth running of most programs required as parts of the coursework are:

Intel Core i3/i5 or higher, minimum RAM-4 GB, HDD-500 GB or higher, Wi-Fi : Any card that supports 802.11ac (5Ghz. Wi-Fi) protocols and WPA2 Enterprise, OS:Windows-10. In addition, the following are the minimum software requirements: MS Office 7/10/13 and Malware Bytes (preferred), Norton, Mcafee, etc.

I hereby undertake that I have my own laptop, and I further understand that I have to bring my own laptop with minimum specifications mentioned above. I will comply with all formalities regarding providing proof of the requisite software on my laptop upon joining.
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