Dynamic Entrepreneur of the year 2016
Pharma Leaders 2016 is looking out for a Healthcare Leader who is not only dynamic but inspirational, someone whose actions & initiatives bring revenues as well as values, thus we are looking for a Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2016. The previous recipients of the category have been trendsetting. Studies in many industries, including health care, suggest that leadership is a critical element in organizational performance. Leadership in contemporary health care organisations is a complex responsibility. We are focused on enabling smarter healthcare. Every day, we are re-imagining how insights can lead to smarter healthcare, and we are committed to delivering products, services, innovations, and experiences to our clients across the continuum of care. Like the payers, providers, pharmacies and consumers we serve, we care deeply about the triple aim of healthcare: improving the patient experience, enabling better health of populations and reducing the cost of care. And here are our nominees.
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