Virtual TempO 2020 - Stage 2 - Stations #6 to #9

Read fast... Your time is already running....


The Stage 2 has 4 Stations (numbered #6 to #9).

Each Station has 5 Tasks.
Each Task has 6 named Flags from left to right (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot).
All tasks can have Zero answer if no Flag is at center of the control point circle.
There are no Control Descriptions.

The maps are aligned with the photo viewing direction.

Task maps are satellite photos.

There is no time limit in each Station.

Stage 2 has a global time limit of 40 minutes.

Stage execution time will be timed in 10 second steps (truncated).
Each wrong answer adds a 30 second penalty.
The penalties are added to the execution time.

If the Stage is not completed in time limit, the result is the maximum execution time of the stage added to the penalty for all wrong answers.


Zoom the Station Photos by:
1) Right Clicking
2) Open photo in new tab or window for full size view..
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