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Please fill out the following if you are ordering a whole, half or quarter beef. If you are ordering a quarter we are not as flexible with custom cuts but will do our best to get you what you want. Please feel free to leave any notes at the bottom and we will email you once we receive your order.
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Roasts - please select what size of roast you would like and if you would like some with the bone in
Steaks - Standard cutting thickness is 3/4" , but our standard thickness is 1". Thicker steaks are better for the BBQ but you get fewer in a quarter. Our standard is to package 2 steaks together.
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What do you use more of?
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Other - Please select boxes of items you would like included in your order.
Hamburger Patties - ($1.50/lb extra) Appox. ¼ - ½ lb per patty, minimum order 20lbs. Please note how many pounds and if you would like seasoned or unseasoned.
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Notes: Anything else you want us to know? We will email you as soon as we can. Thanks!
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