PTCMW Mentor Program: Mentor Application (PTCMW Members Only)
This application is for the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington (PTCMW)
Mentoring Program to take place September, 2020 - February, 2021.

In completing this application, please provide as much detail as possible so that we can provide the best possible match for you and your mentee.

Information on your application will be used only for the purpose of matching PTCMW mentors and mentees and will be seen only by those performing the matching.

Prior to the launch of the program, PTCMW will host a virtual information session for mentors to learn more about the program. Additional resources will be provided at this time to assist mentors in creating a rich experience for your mentee. A kick-off event where mentors and mentees will virtually meet each other will take place in August. More information to follow on the orientation and kick-off sessions.

Mentors must be members of PTCMW. If you are applying to be a mentor, and you are not a PTCMW member yet, please be sure to pay your membership fee before the launch of the program.

We've created some guidelines on the type of individuals we feel would provide a valuable mentoring experience for mentees:
-Master's degree or higher in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or closely related field
-1 or more years of I/O related work experience in a full-time capacity (If seeking traditional mentor/mentee relationship)
-Availability to commit at least one hour per month to meeting with each mentee

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Leah Ellison (
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How many mentees would you be willing to mentor (must be able to commit at least one hour per month to each mentee)?
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What other skills, interests, or experiences (e.g., transitioning from a practitioner to an academic role) might you bring to a mentoring relationship?
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